The Irish Car Carbon Reduction Alliance and E-Way 2040

Who are the ICCRA?

The Irish Car Carbon Reduction Alliance (ICCRA) brings together the majority of car dealers in Ireland representing almost every car brand, all of whom are also members of The Society of the Irish Motor Industry (SIMI).

Our aim is to promote collaboration between industry, policy makers and motoring advocates in reaching the EU car carbon emission targets through a realistic and pragmatic approach.

We are seeking to advance understanding about electric vehicle (EV) targets for Ireland to enable consumers make the transition in an affordable and timely manner.  

What is E-Way 2040

E-Way 2040 is our roadmap to zero emissions vehicles in Ireland. We believe it’s the most realistic, pragmatic and affordable strategy to getting Ireland moving in this direction. It’s backed by EU legislation and academic thinking as a viable long-term solution to making our roads emissions free.

Driving towards a greener future

The future of our climate is the most important issue facing the world today. Now more than ever, people are seeking to live in an eco-friendly way, making day-to-day decisions that reduce their impact on the planet.The Irish government and the EU can set laws and regulations to really drive the change we need but, when they offer different directions, it’s easy to get lost.

We need a clear roadmap

For Ireland to achieve a future with zero emissions, motorists need clarity and direction on the way forward. Unfortunately, mixed messages are currently muddying the waters.

Last year, the Irish government announced plans to get one million electric cars on Irish roads by 2030. They propose to end the sales of new petrol and diesel cars by then too.

But this timeline is unachievable and counterproductive. Also, it is not in sync with the EU strict emission reduction targets of 2040.

Just over 9,170 electric cars are on Irish roads at start of 2020. Reaching one million by 2030 is unrealistic. Let’s target 2040.

And a change of direction

E-Way 2040 is designed to help Irish motorists start making the switch to zero emissions in a sensible, practical and affordable way.

We’ll show you how a new, more eco-friendly car can help lower your carbon footprint, whilst you wait for electric vehicles and other zero emission vehicles to become more affordable and the necessary infrastructure to be put in place to meet demand.

Why 2040?

We believe that Ireland can be on the road to zero emissions by 2040, while the government’s targets of 2030 are doomed to fail. E-Way 2040 is a pragmatic plan that outlines why 2040 is a realistic and achievable target, in line with EU timelines and supported by car manufacturers across the continent.

It’s time to get the government to start listening and to take a practical and realistic road to zero emissions.

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